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About Us

If you are dreaming of a new factory in Johor, Malaysia but hesitant to put in the time and money and go through the hassle of constructing a building or unable to find the ideal building to lease, Eastern Group’s build-to-suit lease might be just what you have been looking for.

Eastern Group can provide a committed, responsive and experienced solution. With our expertise, resources and experience in the development, design, construction and leasing of industrial properties, partnering with us will create a mutually beneficial relationship. You can direct your capital and human resources towards growing your business instead of managing long-term construction or settling for a for a less than perfect existing factory.

No other developer can offer this combination of local construction expertise with one-stop development services, regardless of the size, location or the specific needs for the factory. As our slogan goes, “We Strive For Tomorrow's Comfort.”

Eastern Group

Eastern Group's humble began in 1977 when Pembinaan Eastern Aluminium Sdn Bhd was established by the founder, Mr. Cheong Ah Fatt, with aluminium fabrication as its core business. The early days were challenging, to say the least, but with steadfast determination and a vision to succeed, Mr. Cheong meticulously groomed his team of highly experienced technical workforce whom by 1984 were more than capable of meeting the aluminium industry’s requirements. It was the vision and spirit that propelled the growth of the company exponentially as a whole by providing efficient one-stop solutions.
We Strive For
Tomorrow's Comfort

Company Milestone



Aluminium Fabrication  
Aluminium Fabrication  
Humble beginnings in small scale aluminium business.


Manufacturing Industrial Supply  
Expanded the business into manufacturing of roller shutter etc.


Built to Suit  
We later diversified into built-to-suit programmes. In such situations, the industrial/factory building is built to suit the tenant's requirements and specifications and subsequently the tenant leases the building and land from us, whereby we retain ownership of both building and land.


Eastern Group has the expertise to plan and construct a building to ensure all their requirements are met while keeping within the budget and on-time delivery.


We provide one-stop solution for truck leasing services to suit our client's requirements.


Industrial Development  
Eastern Group has ventured into development of an industries park, namely iiP which is one of the largest organized industrial developments of Iskandar, Malaysia.


Renewable Energy  
Renewable Energy  
We further diversified into the manufacturing of solar panels to install re-generation facilities such as roof top solar photovoltaic systems at our own premises.


Manpower Recruitment & Hostel Management  
We also provide labouyr recruitment for our values clients and are now one of the leading independent worker quarters owner - operator in JB.

Eastern Group’s business philosophy is embedded in its commitment to maintaining the highest standards for its clients at all times through its various divisions.

Built to
Suit Lease



Logistic &
Supply Chain


Manpower Recruitment
& Hostel Management

The group is driven by results and passion through innovation and constant progress as well as meeting or even exceeding our client's expectations. Over the years, Eastern Group has distinguished itself to be one of the leading industrial property developers, providing design-build-lease solutions in the Southern Region of West Malaysia with a reputation as a company that delivers exceptional quality for its buildings, industrial plants or property.

Our Mission

  • To be the leading one-stop solution provider.
  • To provide high quality of works and services.
  • Continuously achieving client satisfication.

Our Vision

  • To provide better solutions for our business partners.
  • To create a better archivement for business partners.
  • To increase the value of our clients' business.

Core Values

In every industry and division we operate in, Eastern Group is always there to support and anticipate our clients' every need, from setting up new operations to managing workplace interactions. Our core values include:







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