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Solar Technology

With dwindling resources and increased pollution around the globe, the promise of renewable energy utilising solar power is the way of the future. The development of affordable, inexhaustible and clean solar energy technologies will have huge longer-term benefits

It will increase countries' energy security through reliance on an indigenous, inexhaustible and mostly import-independent resource, enhance sustainability, reduce pollution, lower the costs of mitigating climate change and keep fossil fuel prices lower. These advantages are global. Hence the additional costs of the incentives for early deployment should be considered learning investments; they must be wisely spent and need to be widely shared.

Our Commitment Towards Renewable Energy

Synergy Solar is an integrated full service solar provider with strong technical and project development capabilities.

Our Solar Solution Offering

Site Development
Project Financing
Operation & Maintenance
Solar Leasing Model
Commercial & Technical Management

Solar Leasing Model

Secure long term savings when you go solar with Eastern Power Lease. With Zero dollars upfront cost, you pay for the power and not the panels. The benefits of solar are all rolled into a low, sustainable monthly rate that helps you save up to 20% off your electricity bill. No hidden fees, just pure savings.

Rooftop / Land Owner
Rooftop / Land Owner

Receives solar energy from on-site
system under a leasing agreement of
typically 10-15% lower than TNB Tariff.
Provides space
and access
No investment
System owned & operate by investor
for the leasing period
System handed over to client at the
end of leasing period
20-25 years
leasing period
On-site solar
PV System

Eastern Power Lease

Arrange 100%

Project designing
and executoin
Financing ROI
Installation Contract



Installs PV Projects also
maintains project

Net Energy Metering Scheme

Ever wonder if there is a scheme out there that allows you to save the existing and earn the extra? With NEM, you will save your current energy consumption while earning credits through the exportation of extra energy generated back to the grid. Imagine the massive OPEX savings one will enjoy if one is a giant energy consumer right now!

Understanding Net Energy Metering Scheme

Solar Photovoltaic Array Example
1.  Solar array coverts energy from sunlight into electricity
2. The inverter converts the electricity produced by the solar array from direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC) for use in your home, school or business and measures the energy produced by the solar array.
3. The energy is used in your home, school or business.
4. The Bidirectional Meter* indicates energy usage and excess energy produced.
Excess energyy not used
by your home that
back to the electric grid
Energyy used by your
home from the electric
Will never run out.

Benefits of Renewable-Energy

Renewable, Will never run out.   Less maintenance, Lower costs for long term.
Produce virtually no waste, Minimal environmental impact.   Reduce electricity costs by generating your own.
Increase your property value with added savings for electricity.  
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