Manpower Recruitment & Hostel Management

    Manpower & Recruitment

    Agensi Perkerjaan Arena Modulasi Sdn. Bhd. is one of the leading manpower companies to provide our customers with one-stop human resource services from manpower recruitment to hostel management in Johor.


          We offer one-stop human resource services such as application of quota, recruitment, transportation, accommodation, training to counselling.
          We engage in recruitment throughout Malaysia, including Sabah & Sarawak.
          We also engage with overseas associate partners such as Philippines, Nepal, Cambodia, Indonesia and others to allow our clients to have more variety in recruiting their employees.
      Manpower Recruitment


          We, Arena Modulasi Sdn Bhd is one of the leading manpower company to provides its clients with one-stop human resources services, from manpower recruited to hostel management in Johor.






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    Hostel Management

    We have a team of dormitory management personnel that possesses a wealth of experience in the development and management of local and foreign worker’s quarters.
    We ensure that all residents are housed in comfortable living conditions, with all the necessities required such as kitchen, bathroom and activities area.
    Hostel Warden   Transportation Services   24-hours Security
    Our Services

    Hostel Warden

    Hostel warden would be available to attend to any incidents in the workers’ quarters. The warden is equipped to deal with any problems relating to personal or work-related issues.
    Our Services

    Transportation Services

    Buses and vans are provided to send the workers to and from the work place during normal working hours. In case of emergency, the management can make arrangements to send the workers to the nearest clinic or hospital.
    Our Services

    24-hours Security

    • Ensure only resident are allowed to enter the premises.
    • CCTV are installed along the perimeter and within the premises.