Logistics & Supply Chain Solutions

    PEA Logistics & Services (M) Sdn. Bhd. ("PEA Logistics") is the logistics arm and division of Eastern Group in providing one-stop logistics and supply chain services to our clients.

    Our business strategy addresses the four key performance dimensions: Quality, Time, Flexibility and Cost implemented with our facility to create within our client's interest and growth for the company while ensuring our clients' satisfaction.

    We specialise in:

    Trucks Leasing
    Providing Trucks Leasing to suit our clients' requirements.
      Transportation Services
    General/Custom Bonded for short/long haul.
      Technology Driven
    GPS Programs & Transport Security Solutions.
    Build to lease Custom Bond/
    Non Bond Office cum Warehouse.
      Security and Risk
    Management Services.

    Our Team

    With close collaboration between all levels of management, staff, driver and customers, we consistently meet our commitment of providing:
    Reliable on-time delivery
    from point-to-point.
      Deliver with Security
    in Mind.
      Cost competitive and wider
    coverage destinations.
      Our business strategy has always been to showcase our company's performance and comprehensive facilities to enhance our clients' trust in our services.
      Quality, Time, Flexibility and Cost
      are the core modules that ensure our supply chain management delivers all the time.

    Truck Leasing Services

    PEA Logistics provides a non-stop solution for truck leasing services to suit any clients' requirements.
    • Bonded and Non-bonded trucks ready to lease with Permit A.
    • Provide Security and GPS System with monitoring server.
    • High insurance coverage for high value goods.
    • Provide Road Tax and any related charges
      (Autopass, ROV, etc) for out station trips.
    • Diesel subsidy is applicable for leased trucks.
    • Provide drivers and exchangeable drivers for any long haul shipment.
    • Competitive rental charges with reliable services.
    • Close monitoring and coverage of Service & Maintenance

    Ground Transportation

    PEA Logistics provides general and bonded goods for both long haul and domestic pick up or deliveries. Over 90% of the containers are moved by ground transport in Malaysia. We have the ability to cater trucks on standby for any of our clients' orders throughout Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand.

    Forwarding Services

    PEA Logistics has a team of highly motivated and experienced professionals that can resolve all your forwarding concerns. Our extensive expertise comprehensively covers wide-ranging solutions for duty rates, cargo classification and regional custom compliance with EDI invoice transmission that are customizable especially for your business. We also provide courier services as a value added service to our clients.

    Sea & Air Freight Forwarding Services

    PEA Logistics provides reliable and competent air and sea freight forwarding services with competitive prices. Our value added services include:
    • Experience and expertise, ensuring on-time deliveries at destinations within a committed time frame.
    • Planned routing co-ordination.
    • Close monitoring at every stage of shipment.
    • Well connected business arrangements overseas, who are responsible for our logistics and services overseas, representing and managing shipment movements effectively and efficiently.
    • Support of other logistics related services provided by us, covering cargo pick-ups and deliveries with our transportation chain.

    Value Added Services

    PEA Logistics also has a wide range of value added services for our clients' convenience forming part of our commitment to providing our
    clients with a one-stop solution for all their logistical needs.
    • Transportation of cargo from port/airport to the Bonded warehouse
    • Transportation of cargo from Bonded warehouse to another Bonded warehouse.
    • Transportation of cargo from Bonded warehouse to a LMW, Free-Trade-Zone (FTZ) and for re-exports.
    • Local deliveries to any destination point or Bonded/Non-Bonded warehouse
    • Storage and Distribution Centre for goods in Malaysian & International markets.
    • Inventory handling on breaking bulk shipments, bar coding system and delivery to individual locations.
    • Warehousing for export, local distribution and local sales.
    • Shipment consolidation, cargo handling, transferring and distribution.